Additions & Updates in 2017

  • Abstract:

    Through ongoing research, this website aims to:

    - Increase the number of known early 'homœopathists' (practitioners, chemists, supporters), and homœopathic businesses
    (hospitals, chemists, dispensaries), and to record details about them and their background.

    - Update and correct existing information about these people and businesses.

    This page provides a brief record of recent additions and/or changes, with links to the full details for those items.

(Material researched & presented by Barbara Armstrong)


ADDITIONS in 2017:


** (February additions)

Ballarat Free Homœopathic Dispensary - Article describing the establishment and fate of an early homœopathic dispensary in Victoria.


Ballarat Homœopathic Pharmacy - Discovery of Ballarat's first homœopathic pharmacy.


Dr William Ray - Discovery of another homœopathic doctor who practised in Ballarat in the 1870s.


Dr William Joseph Richard Ray - Son of Dr William Ray, another new discovery.


** (April additions)

Frederick Huntley - In 1857 Frederick formed a partnership with chemist John Bell to establish the Sydney Homœopathic Pharmacy, which became known as the Bell and Huntley Homœopathic Pharmacy.


** (August additions)

William Thomas Doyne - Details of one of the early members of the Committee of the Melbourne Homœopathic Dispensary.


** (November additions)

Self Supporting Homœopathic Dispensary - A new discovery of a homœopathic dispensary in Melbourne.


UPDATES in 2017:


** (January updates)

Robert Palk - New information about the life of Robert Palk.


** (February updates)

Charles Pleasance - New information about the life of Charles Pleasance, including his original name and his first pharmacy in Ballarat, Victoria.


** (March updates)

William Moore - Inclusion of photographs of William Moore and his wife Fanny.


** (April updates)

William Larmer - Details about his family background.


Larmer's Homœopathic Dispensary - Involvement in the attempted resurrection of the Sydney Homœopathic Dispensary.


Sydney Homœopathic Dispensary - Details regarding the politics behind the attempted resurrection of the Dispensary in 1865.


Alfred Huntley - Further information about his background, and his business relationships with Dr William Sherwin and Dr John Le Gay Brereton.


Bell and Huntley Homœopathic Pharmacy - Corrections relating to the role of Frederick Huntley in the establishment of the pharmacy.


Dr William Sherwin - Information about his connections with Alfred Huntley.


William Moore - Information about the date of William Moore's arrival in Australia, and the earliest advertisements for his practice.


** (May updates)

Thomas William Charlesworth - Additional information about his family background and movements.


** (July updates)

Henry Allan Fisher - Discovery of the owner of 'Fisher & Co.' homœopathic pharmacy in Sydney.


Martin & Co. in Sydney - Details of their change of ownership.


Thiennette de Bérigny - Extensive updates to the background of de Bérigny.


** (August updates)

Melbourne Homœopathic Dispensary - Listing of the initial committee members.


** (November updates)

Inclusion of photographs of early Melbourne, showing the premises occupied by:


Melbourne Homœopathic Dispensary


The Melbourne Homœopathic Hospital


John Bell Hickson.


Dr James Emery Gould - Details of recent research into his life.


** (December updates)

Dr Percy Wisewould - Information regarding his apprenticeship with Martin & Co, homœopathic chemists, prior to studying medicine.


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