chemistsThis website is the definitive resource for teachers, researchers, and students who wish to know about the use of homœopathic medicine in Australia's early history, generally pre-1900.

Here you will find Australia's most extensive list of pioneers in Australia's homœopathic history – homœopaths, chemists, and public figures who were supporters of homœopathy. There is also information about homœopathic pharmacies and chemists, dispensaries, homœopathic hospitals, and articles about Australia's homœopathic history.


Timelines for the progress of homœopathy in Australia and its colonies:simpson-homepage

History of homœopathy in Australia
History of homœopathy in New South Wales
History of homœopathy in Queensland
History of homœopathy in South Australia
History of homœopathy in Tasmania
History of homœopathy in Victoria
History of homœopathy in Western Australia


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